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Must be my umpteenth blog! As far as I remember, my first blog was on Pitas That was in 2001 I think. As I was surfing news and opinions on 9/11 incident, I came across a site of an american girl who was staying in the UK and had maintained a blog to let her family know about the happenings in her life. There were day wise posts, archives of earlier posts, pictures, comments etc. Thats how I got introduced to the world of blogging. I thought I ought to  own a blog to have my say… (though it wasnt actually necessary to say anything and there wasnt guarantee that people would read it) eventually I created myself blog account and started commenting on various happenings. Years passed. I changed multiple accounts. The american girl from UK moved to australia and finally got married. She still maintains the same blog to let her folks know how she’s coping with things after marriage. For me, though writing is a necessity, maintaining blog wasnt (as it was for her), so after 7-8 months, each of my blogs just got neglected. Even so, I am not bored of creating yet newer accounts and attempting to write something on some things that incite any thoughts in my mind.

So this is one more such attempt. Let me see how often I update this one!


About pradsword

My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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