The Thoughts of a Procrastinator

What does a person overwhelmed with work do? well ofcourse get “Overwhelmed” with work and think about it and in the process, get some more work piled up…second most favorite thing is writing a poem ! (but not finishing the work)

So here am I, posting from work (because I’ve got too much of work). I just remembered something I wrote a while ago, when I was stuck with so many things to do…like today!

The poem’s of same title as this post:

Here goes:
So much to do and the time’s so less,
Hundreds of deadlines, how do I face,
Am I just too slow – or things are moving at fast pace,
I feel lost, failed, so out of place!!
                        Yet I know World’s been moving on,
                        Night after night and dawn after dawn,
                        After endless thoughts being thrust upon,
                        I’ve just lost control, I feel like a pawn!!
I plan, I enlist, I gather the tools,
And yet, time out wits, I remain a fool,
Memory fades, lets the blankness rule,
I curse as always, the life – so cruel!!!
                        So let me thus end this short scribe,
                        Got too many “to do” lists from which to unsubscribe!!
                         Determination, let me imbibe
                        To practice hard work, not just prescribe, 


About pradsword

My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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