The Ballad of a Soldier

A long time ago, one evening…

I’m gonna fight it!
this battle that has no end…
I dont even remember when it began, how it began, why it began…
I’ve been here all the time.
So now running away will be a waste of all the precious moments I spent in motivating myself, bracing myself for the future.
I’m no quitter. I’m gonna fight it!!!

I’m gonna survive it!
This phase of my living…
I did not invite it, it was thrust upon me.
And I’m not alone….
So now giving up will be betraying all the dear ones who tried to shield me from it as far as possible.
I’m gonna pull them out too. I’m gonna survive it!!!

I’m gonna cross it!
This confusing maze that I found myself suddenly into…
I’m used to live with it so much that I don’t always remember I’m lost…
But I’ve to get there, to the other end.
This maze cannot be the beginning and end of my world.
I want to see the beautiful world beyond it. I’m gonna cross it!!!

I have to be strong now!
I know, I’m so vulnerable and weak…
But I’ll take all the bruises, I’m sure I’ll soon become immune…
and stronger….
to be able to tide over this span…to take my dear ones along…
I know, its just one moment…one moment more…I need to live moment by moment
I have to be strong!!!


About pradsword

My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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