Hello 2008

Considering that it is January 5th today, this post is not exactly on time…but its not too late either. These days work doesnt leave much time for any serious contemplation about life , goals etc etc and though I’m absolutely loving this pace of living, I feel, following the every-year tradition of looking back etc (a tradition followed by everybody in general and myself in particular), this post is necessary.

I remember, when it was first day of 2006, I woke up early to ring it in, rather than staying up late. That year was going to primarily define my career. Within another 10-12 days, placement week was due on the campus and I wanted to reflect how changed my life was going to be from then onwards. I had gone for a long walk thinking about jobs,profiles, companies, friends whom I had great time with for the 2 years of my PG studies…. etc…etc..etc Then was the last year. 2007. I was too tired to contemplate anything and just went off to sleep after a long day at work. I was in general confused about my career, the choices that I had before me and I didnt want to think about it and get more confused. This time, a year and half into the system and I rang in 2008 very peacefully, knowing that the choices that I had made in 2007 were right and that they shall eventually augur well for my career!!

Generally, 2007 has been good. I travelled a lot, learnt a lot about areas of my interest. The only thing I thought I couldnt do to my heart’s fill was reading ! That and not being able to fulfill any of my 2007 resolutions. But honestly, in my defence they were too qualitative in nature: something like leading a disciplined lifestyle, reading books etc etc.  Which could mean many things at a time. Long work hours hardly allow anyone to eat on time, sleep on time etc etc and so weekends are spent resting and lazying around or in some mindless entertainment rather than reading anything. So this year I am going to keep it quantitative:

Books that I’d like to read: Witch of Portobello, Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City. Oh Yes, Shantaram. I cannot fathom why I pick this book up and leave it within reading page or two. I think I found the beginning too filmy, somehow I cannot concentrate on the book that others have loved so much. Some others that I’m planning to read this year: A couple of Steve Berry books, Since people have recommended them, “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”, “Atonement” by Ian Mcewan, “To kill a mocking bird”. That makes about 9 of them. Let me see how I fare.

Place/s that I’d like to visit: North East. Period!!

I guess the only qualitative resolution that I’m making is that I’d attempt to be a frank person when it comes to being assigned too ambitious targets. So I’m resolving on being frank enough and buy more time when deadlines seem too strainous!!

Anyways.I only hope that this year atleast, I shall be able to turn my resolutions into realities!!


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My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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