Me – A Yuppie

Hell lot of work, no rains, no rainy treks….no reading….no hanging out with friends to wish’s fill, no time to reflect, no time to opine, to argue, to chat idly…. in short, all work and no play has made me dull and duller day by day!!

I always said to myself that I shall never be a part of rat race. All I can say is that probably I never realised that I was already a part of it. Maybe, I realised it, but never with such an intensity….I so wish for peace, quiet…probably the simple lifestyle that I myself was a part of just 5 years ago…days when I could spend time at my own pace and think original thoughts and nights when I was at home listening to faint sounds of aartis and chants from the temple close to my home.

These days I have begun to hate almost everything that symbolizes yuppism. Mobile phones that ring incessantly , techno music with its indigestible mixes and the clubs and pubs that play it loudly, coffee shops that are oh so crowded and that serve bad and costly coffees , malls and brand outlets that ensure you spend all the money you earned slogging your a** off at work , mp3 players that become outdated every other week…and of course traffic! the noisy honking cars and bikes that everyone seems to own these days…

We yuppies look alike. Jaded, exhausted!  we work like dogs during the weeks, long hours, while traveling, from home and every possible place. Weekends, our mode of relaxation therefore is throwing away the money that we spend most of our time earning, by buying dinners that cost us fortunes and still leave us almost empty stomached… or maybe buying lounge chair tickets for an afternoon show at the plushest theatre mall in the town…for some it might be smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish… all in all THIS is the lifestyle of new generation. Somehow I dont feel excited about this lifestyle at all… and mentally I dont connect to this way of living at all… I am a misfit…

Somehow, I still feel I got dragged into this rat race. Yeah,probably I had an option of selecting a less aggressive career field, living in a less cosmopolitan place, making friends with less urbanised people etc…but I do not dare do that. I am not brave enough to quit my career, go to a town and start all anew… they say pressure is addictive…maybe, I will come to regret the peaceful small town life … maybe I might long for deadlines then… till I am ambivalent and timid, I have to live with yuppie way of life…may be such random post once in a while then, to let out all the frustration…..


About pradsword

My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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