Getting Out of the Rut!! – A 10 day challenge

Well, for this past month or two (or three or four really) I have noticed and caught myself wallowing in self pity…for not being able to do X thing, meet Y friend, read Z book or be to some XYZ place.. and everytime I quote WORK as the real culprit. Is it really??

 On Friday last week, I just got up from my chair and looked around…within my cubicle, other peoples’ cubicles…. it was close to 8.30 pm and entire west wing of 8th floor (where I work) was empty. Typical Friday night scenario. All the desks clean – all pcs shut and it was freezing as hell -as the place was almost empty except for a handful of us who had atleast an hour full of work before we would have thought of leaving. Then I looked at my own desk… full of papers and files. How and Why ever this situation came about? am I really too inundated with work?? or its just that I am new to banking? I think its both. I think more than that the real culprit is trying to please everyone. Sometimes I have caught myself quoting a too ambitious deadline! it just comes out automatically before I know and more like a reflex action when I see raised eyebrows,creased foreheads and set jaws. I have almost come close to being a pushover. I thought about all this and was kind of deflated. Its kind of a situation where you try to meet as many expectations which then multiply, keep on increasing. So effectively you dont meet them…and once you get in, its very difficult getting out. Its happening now…it’ll happen on my next assignment,in my next department / job. So it is I who have to deal with it and have to manage to get out of the rut.

Here’s what I am going to do: for next 10 days, I have set myself a challenge. I SHOULD be able to jog for half an hour daily, SHOULD be able to read newspaper and books daily , SHOULD be able to leave by 7.30 pm daily and SHOULD be able to end my day with a post here. Why should I bother with a post on this? because it just increases the accountability… A challenge to self  -I shall get out of the rut in next 10 days (atleast ‘for next 10 days’)…


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