The tremendous pain and hurt that I saw last saturday in the eyes of someone very close to me is haunting me even now.

A relationship is alive so long as the principles remain the same. Otherwise, it is the breach of trust. It is the changed principles that lead to changed behaviour. So the ‘actions’ of people are in essence the ‘reactions’ resulting out of changed basics. I used to always think that so long as the individuals agree on the essentials, the relationship may go through its ups and downs, but will sail through. Thats what I believed till last Saturday…. The world is not a utopia! relationships may fail because of a smallest splinter.. Though I am still reeling in shock , Is life so fragile? built around egos and prejudices? apparently so… in Marathi, there’s a saying, taali don hatanni vajte. Khara aahe! but human beings commit errors. If one of them cant forgive, the others have to, to make the relationship going… else all of us will soon become isolated islands…

Anyways, this is second day when I was at home before 9.30 and could chat up to the heart’s fill with my family. So 8 more days to go! but I still couldnt jog. It was raining heavily throughout the day…


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