Diwali and few related thoughts… maybe a few unrelated too..

Now that Diwali is gone, all the newspapers are full of columns where writers exasperatedly comment on what a ritualistic and noisy affair Diwali is… streets bustling with people, vendors shouting, sale-venues overflowing even in the face of economic slowdown, crackers disturbing people in the middle of their peaceful slumbers etc etc etc. .. and people smsing / calling to wish happy diwali, some of whom they didnt even know! the typical poojas, wasteful expenditure of lanterns and electric lighting etc etc. all in all they were happy that it was finally over…

At the risk of sounding ‘unfashionable’ (for it is fashionable these days to talk about environment and general misuse of resources and the economy while fashionably using fancy Cars and multiple air conditioning arrangements in the house, imported branded wares, exotic food  which are atleast high end even if they all are polluting the environs and affecting economy …), I’d say that it wouldnt be ‘Diwali’ anymore without all the noise and the hoopla, the friends and the frenzy!!

I want to know what is it of significance to these rich columnist ladies, who buy a Versace every month, that a lower middle class clerk working 12 hours in a private company thinks of buying new clothes for her entire family, furniture for her house or buying jewellery for herself?? its once a year or biannual event for her to shop on such a scale… for these so called concerned-for-economy women, shopping does not require a special ocassion!

These ladies probably spend lacs and lacs of Rupees organizing social dos/ events at plush hotels to help run their burgeoning businesses or atleast attend such events and write columns about them…. for them the neon-glitz of a nightclub is more economical than the twinkling electric lighting and the glowing lanterns that people hang/ hoist for 4 days of Diwali… waste of electricity in the era of load-shedding indeed!! I think probably what they consume for brunch in a five star on any given Sunday should cost more than the electricity bill of the watchman of my building of six months taken together…

It is even more hypocrisy to talk..er write about how endless smses troubled them with Diwali wishes and their fingers hurt having punched in replies to all of those messages… I wonder how their mouths dont hurt blowing air-kisses and from all that fake smiling at all those social parties… Its a sad reality that people are getting apart from each other and sms is one indication of it…rather than meeting, people text message each other, but Diwali is essentially about family and friends, celebrating together… perhaps, most of us cannot celebrate Diwali with our extended clan anymore, but their smses remind us of the good times spent together… and its good to know that they remembered to message us during the happier time of the year…

Bustling markets my foot! of course people who gather and shop on streets cant afford to shop in classy malls and designer shops… of crackers, I agree, that the sound pollution isnt good, but thats the only thing I agree with … though I am used to be awakened by someone bursting crackers bang at 5.00 am every year, and I havent yet taken the pains of knowing who it was this year, I admit to having done the same thing years ago myself!!  Yes, Diwali is ritualistic with all its poojas and abhyangsnaans at the dawn etc… but without these, it wouldnt be Diwali anymore…

Lastly, something totally unrelated to Diwali as the topic of this post, but very relevant to ‘hypocrisy’ -which I thought was the underlying theme of this post… I recently ran into someone and the topic somehow turned to society and social norms … eventually he stated that he was against his father who lit a zero bulb in the mandir that they have at home, when there were so many poor people starving in India… somehow I wasnt convinced with the notion that his father was squandering and it had direct impact on the poor people of India. I should probably have advised him to curb his meaningless long talks on the cellphone and donate the difference to some charitable organization… or maybe save some money by not smoking for a period and donate that money…. Probably this is not hypocrisy…its more of misconceived ideas about resources and the meaning of saving resources and making a good use of them!!


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