Me Mumbaikar

Its been exactly one week today that the terrorist attacks took place and what a painfully long week it was! Most likely its changed the lives of most of the Mumbaiites  – at least the media projects so. We are no longer cheering and saluting the ‘Spirit’ of Mumbai they say. “We are angry. We want action. Enough is enough!” etc.

I honestly never believed in the ‘Spirit’ factor. ‘Spirit’ is a gross misrepresentation. We Mumbaikars are simply indifferent. We are. We are simply never bothered. Firstly we rarely notice if something that is ‘happening’ is not happening to ourselves. If at all we notice, we just go ahead and ignore it. Similar to the American view on the rest of the world. Finally, the more underpreviledged the afflicted, the less we notice. We look at everything in terms of immediate benefit to self. This might sound too severe perhaps, but its true. Someone at work, amidst all the hostages-related news breaking in, happened to mention to me that there will be a movie on this a couple of years down the line and the police martyrs will become posthumus superheros. I was absolutely livid on hearing this – how could someone be so insensitive, I thought. Who will think of it when terrorists were still at large. But then, our Chief Minister (ex-Chief Minister from today on) went ahead and proved exactly that by taking his actor-son and director Ram Gopal Varma alongwith himself for firsthand tour of Taj. He represents in truest sense and meaning, the ‘Spirit’ of Mumbai.

Someone who has suffered personally in these attacks mentioned what bothered her the most apart from her personal loss. It was despair that the people will forget the tragedy and the brave policemen all too soon. In times like these when you hardly found an honest man, it was all the more a greater loss that these honest policemen sacrificed their lives. For whom she wonderd?, what will, if ever, come out of it? she asked. Silently I agreed with the every word she said, and for her sake, no, for the sake of precious lives of all these martyrs, I hope, something comes out of this. It better had. The best homage to these brave lives would be change. Foremost, in our attitudes.


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