They’ve  begun airing the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice on Zee Studio starting yesterday. The series that I was waiting and waiting to be aired on TV ever since I had watched an episode of it at a friend’s place 4-5 years back when she’d dowloaded it from the net. While I gave up and bought its VCDs 3 years back when they were finally available in market,  its finally nice to be able to recommend it to all those people who you cant trust enough with your VCDs!!

I’ve been a diehard Jane Austen fan ever since I had read pride and prejudice in class 7. It was my second attempt at reading English Classics. The first ever English classic that I’d read was David Copperfield, and had found it filled with so much of sorrow and sufferings that I absolutely loved the story that was not too heavy on sorrow part and the most ideal love story for a 11-12 year old. I read it, re-read it , re-re-read it over the years. Though as I grew up, I finally concluded that THE Mr Darcy can never be real, I still adore the book, and all other works of Jane Austen, which I still unwind with many a times…


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