Maniac Monday

An open letter….

Dear Monday…

Just when I seem to have collected my bearings after five gruelling , never-ending days, you always come and spoil everything!! and this happens week after week after week..Don’t you realise? you’re an unwanted guest. If you want to make me realise what an utter failure at planning I am, let me tell you, I’ve already got the point.

You dont have to be extra mean to me you know…not a day at work goes when I am seated at the desk for an hour at a stretch, but you especially see to it that I am constantly running around. Why should all the escalations always happen on Mondays?  I beg to differ from the claim that law of averages applies to every thing in this world. If there was a distribution on work-related sufferings, I’d bet it wouldn’t be normal. It’d be skewed towards you, Monday!!

For that matter, if there was any distribution of most-hated-day-of-the-week, again it’d be skewed towards you. So, in view of your ever declining popularity, I’m begging you to introspect and reconsider your pathetic tactics of being such a killjoy…

with lots of hate and swearwords,



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My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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