I will sum up all of my experience till date in the field of corporate banking by way of a one-liner:
“Whatever didn’t kill me, made me stronger” – and of course I am zillion times stronger now!! and bazillion times faster! This field just stretched me to my limits, literally in the sense that I realised my limitations and concluded that if being a careerist meant that I was required to be atleast 10 times faster than I was presently (which was pretty fast according to me) in execution of my work, then it simply meant that I can never be careerist. Of course I also realised that apart from the inability to handle that kind of stress, I actually did not WANT even to think about it. So it was through this process of high stress levels that I discovered, I was not meant to be a careerist person, chief reason being that I did not want to become one. I essentially realised that for me the process of career growth always required worklife balance and wherever and whenever it was not present, which pretty much it wasn’t, I was unhappy.

I needed to put that on record somewhere…


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