Thoughts and Conclusions


  1. Dosas:  NO MORE DOSAS FOR ME!! I’ve had enough of them lately. Infact, the ongoing week’s been like a “Dosa Festival” at home, where event organizer  was yours truly… Mum’s away and so I’ve been called upon to take her place in the kitchen. Now, cooking remains a recreational activity for me unless my Mum goes out of town or is unwell…and I tend to avoid the usual poli-bhaaji-bhat-varan/amti route and prefer to make one single item, which can serve as dinner for previous night cum breakfast for the next morning etc, since I cannot afford to keep several items on the menu and also manage my schedule… so well, this time around, I decided it was  to be different types of dosas which I would be experimenting with. First day was a fusion Rava Dosa. The next day it was cucumber – dosa. When I mentioned these names to my colleague (who’s a Tam Bram) , she actually told me that they didnt exist…well, I’m sure that most of what I cook is always a fusion. You dont always find all the ingredients at the last minute . Like everyone else, even I ended up replacing one ingredient with the other, added something on my own and Viola, a new dish!! So far so good! They were loving it and I thought of many more types of dosas which I could feed them with. My father and my brother were astonished though when I told them that I was making a type of dosa on third evening (yest eve) as well. It was a recepie shared by an enthusiastic aquaintance who was more than willing to teach it (and a lot many) to ensure that my training in being a  homemaker continued while my mum was away. So the effect was this third dosa, made mostly of rice flour, onions and turmeric. The effect was a wobbly  dosa, which my father thought looked like  an egg omlette. Now it needs to be mentioned that he is a pure vegetarian and cannot even be anywhere near non vegetarian food, including anything made out of egg. So he of course could not eat it. Even at the breakfast today. So  I decided that I needed a break from this cooking routine in general and Dosa in particular. Besides I had a note to prepare (Which is why I am up right now at 1.50 am and working!!) . So I called him up from work and told him to order something from the nearby restaurant for ourselves for dinner tonight. For myself, I told him, I needed something light, since I had to work most of the night tonight. So, I was all anticipation when I reached home tonight, only to find that he had ordered Masala Dosa for me!! Arrgh! no more dosas.
  2. Cooking: I love cooking. Though I dont cook daily / regularly. I could have become a chef perhaps, if I hadnt studied Finance.
  3. Crazy Fat Women in the Trains: Damn you ladies! in ideal situations, I’d say seamless pressure on body from all sides sounds like some kind of resistance training,  but in situations like my daily commute to work,  when I am subjected to being aggressively pushed around, shoved around and sandwiched from all the sides, all I can think of is getting off the train, onepiece and alive. I was struggling yesterday, surrounded by a bunch of fat ladies who were literally squeezing me from all sides. So busy was I in concentrating on breathing regularly that I didnt notice that my purse too was getting subjected to this pressure torture. As soon as I got off the train though, I realised that somethng was clinking inside my purse. To my horror, my sunglasses had broken. One grand may be a small amount for some,but to me, wasting one grand is significant enough… Suddenly , I remembered a recent conversation, when the person went on and on about thrift and benefits of public transport. I wondered if that person had ever been through something like this!!
  4. Sunglasses – I am going to mend them. Not because I am crying over one grand. Its because I absolutely adored them. I could have bought costlier pair, and there were many branded ones which I could have bought, but mine was the first pair I saw and absolutely loved. My sunglasses were huge, somewhat tacky maybe, but they were super comfortable.
  5. Books: I do not deserve to own so many when I hardly read these days. The Strand exhibition is still on, and like every year, this year too I will buy books from there, manage to read one or two and leave the rest untouched. I really need to manage my time better.
  6. Reading: I wish trains were less crowded, so one could spread out the newspaper comfortably / read book while in train…
  7. Public Transport – Sucks big time. But I have no option…
  8. Tranquility – is a rare commodity these days and with some flyover work beginning in my own area, it’ll wane all the more. My area had been a quiet residential part of the city, and I would have really loved to see it like that forever….alas, it is not to be!
  9. Creek – Whats gonna happen to the saltpans and the creek in my area? those parts just remind me of my childhood and school days when we had spent lots of our idle afternoons at the saltpans, doing practically nothing – just starring at a distance!

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  1. perpetualquandary

    I wrote a similar post on the travails of train travel and the fat aunties who make life miserable. But now that I’m also metamorphising into a fat aunty…i have nothing more to commetn 😛

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