Life is a celebration!

Another year passes by and as usual makes me introspect! Was it upto my expectations? did I do well? did I achieve all my plans and resolutions? I immediately resolved to ignore the list of my resolutions…there were too many resolutions in the list and it led me to finally accept that I think too well of myself to believe that I could achieve these many things within a single year 🙂

So I moved on to the very basic question behind all the introspection: How much (or how less) happy did I feel in 2009.. and I was happy to realise how much merrymaking 2009 had brought! I feel I lived every moment in 2009 fully, completely and wholeheartedly…. everything that I thought, acted and spoke was original, honest to myself and heartfelt. That is not to say that I couldnt be my own self in 2008 or earlier years..but God only knows, I have always been an introvert by nature and kind of shy, which somehow just faded last year. I didnt consciously try, but was more outspoken, more comfortable with myself and therefore more open to others’ ideas.  And I am happy about it!

Life is a celebration! Its myriad of colours…a rainbow…a collage of happy and sad experiences…an array of bright and dark moments.Perhaps like an orchard with multitude and variety of trees, fruits and blossoms… to live life fully, one must be ’emotionally available’ for every moment, every nuissance…explore the orchard with a curiosity of a child…tasting every fruit, smelling every blossom and admiring the ever changing vista… one might love some fruits, fragrances and sceenes and find others unplalatable, nauseous, hideous…but one who explores the whole of it is the one who lives it all…and I always feel, I want to be someone like that!! Hah!

So 2009 was also an attempt to rediscover my old dreams…I resumed my training in classical music, wrote more poems, infact wrote a song and actually set tune to it!! Did the most daring thing that I’ve done in a while – joined a DANCE class!! (There!! I cannot believe I am actually posting this here!), I found a bunch of people ready to trek with me once in a while and finally went trekking after dog years!! Cooked some insane dishes! spent a lot of time with my friends like I always wanted to inspite of work pressures…

Must say, I am happy with the fact that I stood up to some people I wanted to and didnt feel guilty at all 🙂

Guess, all in all, the year was just how I wished it would be. I’m grateful. No, it wasnt all fun of course! there were deadlines and confrontations and fights and arguements and fury! But I feel happy thinking that I stood my ground, stood for my principles and was totally honest in feeling whatever negative emotions that I felt!! 🙂 these very occassions helped me grow up as a person and made me realise what I wanted in life!!So I am all the more grateful.

Wish 2010 would be even better! Happy new year!!


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My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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