None of my business…

I had wondered whether there could be a web – based laundry service in one of my old posts. Well, 2 days back I was checking my email and happened to check my b-school mailing group folder after a long time. I came to know that one of my batch-mates has actually started such a laundry service! When I mentioned this to one of my colleagues at work, she happened to mention that IFB already had similar service in select few cities. Honestly, I was not aware of it but I thought, it was still a largely unknown concept in India and would work too well in cities like Gurgaon, Hyd, Bangalore etc where a large number of young professionals are from other cities, live in PG/ rented arrangements and may not be able to hire a household help either due to their odd schedules or trust issues or simply due to scarcity of good helps…

Anyways, one more person I know starts his own venture…I remember how many business ideas we would think of during b-school days…some downright stupid and meant as diversion from our hectic schedule…some which made sense from time to time. We had plans right from owning a chain of photocopy – printout centers across Mumbai 🙂 whats with our constant trips to nearby photocopier during exam days to  sale of exotic flowers to a concept of future fungibility between various forms of payments and mobile phone balances.. imagination without bounds and lots of pressure to earn marks/prizes out of this, with every b-school coming up with a business plan competitions. Gone are those days…

These days, honestly, I must admit to myself, the only time I think about such things is after a bad day at work…when I wish I could be my own master. Yeah, like most of my batch – mates, even I had dreamt of a business of my own at 35 etc…but almost 4 years of work-ex post my PG has had me grounded to a great extent…so now I truly appreciate the guts of all those who left their high-paying jobs and took risk of being their own masters. It must be challenging and heady stuff…though very scary! Kudos!!


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