VU2XYZ? My new alias?? Sure!

I admit, I have too many interests, rather, I get interested in too many things too soon… I would rather not call them interests. Interests are probably carefully cultivated. But I’m your typical ‘wannabe-jack-of-all-trades’. Someone interested in useless trivia and random pursuits from time to time, which last for a week, a month, couple of months, thats all. Some might say I’m prone to fads, but I’m unapologetic. There are just too many things out there that I should know of / be a part of! May be my fascination with them is transient. It might not last long enough to become a serious interest/hobby- still I find it a great pleasure being a been-there-done-that, and I seem to be fascinated with just too many things. I hope this prologue would be sufficient enough to describe my proposed current pursuit, namely the HAM Radio.

Amateur Radio or ham radio sounds challenge for now. I must admit this, I was totally unaware that there was such a movement, that there were numerous ham radio clubs, that there was in fact a detailed out plan by Government of India to formalize the ham radio movement. True, we’d seen ‘Maydays’ and ‘SoSs’ in too many movies, but I was surprised to discover that many Mumbaiites were in fact pursuing this as some kind of hobby, that they infact had MARS of their own and had been of tremendous help during 26 July mishap. The fact that a housewife, a retired person or even a school-kid may brew his/her own radio at home promises that the technical knowledge, rather understanding basics of it would not be very hard. It gives me additional kick to imagine that I shall be able to build it on my own with ‘nada’ level of knowledge of electronics  at present, though I plan to rope in some friends with engineering background from time to time for some gyaan on this whole concept… well, atleast let me challenge myself into doing something I’ve never done before. I plan to build this radio by next month towards may end/ june beginning and hope to post here my progress on it! If I understand the whole concept and am able to tackle it that is…


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