Ham Radio Chronicles : Episode#1

Post the initial excitement of getting into hardcore (according to me) technical exercise, I discovered one important fact about Ham Radios – I cant broadcast unless I obtain license! This led me to speculate whether I will / will not be able to test the radio. Well, in the process, I ofcourse googled extensively and came up with several resourceful websites including GOI sponsored Vigyan Prasar. In fact there are several local sites including MARS, ARSI, Ham Radio India and international ones like HFRadio, American Radio Relay League and really hundreds of others with LOT of information. But I found most of them too advanced for my understanding. There are many amateur radio operators, thats for sure 🙂 and many with their own websites and resources. Given the exodus of technical knowledge and super technical queries about radio instruments I was bound to feel a bit foolish about asking my basic queries on these various boards. True, institutions like MARS infact conduct coaching classes in Mumbai, but I’d rather go through all of this on my own. Fortunately, Vigyan Prasar came to my rescue, with  study material which looks much better on the face of it than some sites actually offering training pdfs on making your own printed circuit board at home! (scary!!). Vigyan Prasar’s study material has been exclusively prepared for the exam held by Ministry of Communications to give out a license – Amateur Station Operator’s Certificate.

Additionally, I discovered on net a book call Ham Radio for Dummies. Yeah, well, might as well accept my limitations 🙂  But I couldnt lay my hands on a paperback version of this book here, which would have been India edition and hence much cheaper. This whole exercise is entirely for amusement and hence not meant as something involving lot of money etc… well, on with my studies now.


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