A new template

Well something has to change here…my sporadic posting notwithstanding,…

So… a new template, a gravatar etc etc… I dont particularly appreciate brown… I was looking at something brighter, but those templates did not have RHS sidebar which I totally love…

Had been thinking the whole of past week that I should find atleast 10 minutes at stretch to update this blog… there are so many things on which I have strong opinions after all…

Umm… well I’ll begin by writing some random things about me…

  1. I totally adore large sunglasses. Maybe, that’s cause I have kind of longish face.. 🙂 Every time that I’ve /have been bought a pair in my life, it has been large, square rimmed and a dark shade!!
  2. No matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise, I am NOT a morning person. NO! Well, I DO feel great if I make it to 5’0 clock club (which mostly happens only when I have a flight to catch or go trekking etc)…but dragging myself out of my bed at that time in the AM is more difficult than finding a traffic-less street in Mumbai! Well, once there was a time when I was an early riser…but that was during my school days…. 🙂
  3. I am a closet fan of trance, electronica and indie music. I have loads of songs downloaded from net of unknown bands. There is this band called as ‘The postal service’ – well they came out with only one album afaik. I later discovered that its a well known band in the US, but these songs were not introduced in India probably. Or I never came across them in 2003 when the album got released. I came across their song ‘Such great heights’ quite by accident 2 years back and ever since I am a great fan of indie music and do follow it from time to time. I remain a closet fan mostly because I havent found anyone else of my kind.
  4. For the record, I’d say that I like dogs better than cats. But honestly, I am not that much into animals. I prefer to admire them from a distance. 3 of my aunts had pets of various types and when I’d be visiting them, all I could notice was the amount of work that it required. The stench, the cleaning, the medicines etc rather than how cute these dogs/cats/fish/birds etc were. How you had to hide what you were eating, how you had to spend time fending them off from the kitchen etc…Good that this happened to me in early childhood. That saved my parents from lot of potential headache that I might have caused by demanding a pet and of course all the expenses that come with it!
  5. The only time I actually studied in my entire life was during my class 12 exams. Period. I do not want to boast of my superior intellect etc here…infact I feel, I have learned a lot less in life by being callous towards studies. I regret it!
  6. I do remember some incidents from when I was ~ 1-2 year old to minutest details…its weird…especially since I remember even the conversations! In this light, what do I think about the fact that I dont remember many recent events… well I dont know what to think. I’m getting old!!!
  7. I was mostly very shy, timid and awkward till I reached degree college. And then, there was no looking back…every passing year sees me getting more and more comfortable with myself. I feel that’s great!
  8. I am an astrology/palmistry/tarot/any kind of divination Junkie.
  9. I HATE paneer…especially when its in chunks and cubes and grated …to conclude, I hate paneer and only can somewhat manage with gravyied variety. I’d rather starve than chew on some paneer. Well paneer cannot be avoided at any public function these days so I’m in a fix most of the times. Oh…and I HATE the membranous material that settles on milk when you boil it (doodhachi saay). Dont know what they call it in English, but definitely its not cream. On the other hand I LOVE milk, cheese and cream!! I heart cheese!! 🙂
  10. I love sunny environs! Though the most favorite time of the year would be winter mornings when weather’s pleasant and sun is all bright and tender!
  11. I have entertained an idea of hitch hiking across Europe since I was 15 and of course still do imagine that…Over all these years I have added so many locations to my wishlist that probably, I’d have to take an year off from work to actually do that!
  12. Whenever I am angry with some person/situation, I tend to imagine a dialogue/conversation and make some witty sarcastic comments to their arguments… these remain mostly in my mind thereafter 🙂 but these act as stress relievers!! Helps at work a lot 😀
  13. I LOVE tea and can consume it in any quantities at any time of the day!
  14. As a kid, once when punished and locked up in our ground floor home, I had ‘stealthily’ broken the lock of the window grill and escaped out of home with my younger brother in tow with a purpose of visiting my aatya who then, lived just 2-3 mins away . We were caught unawares by our father who was just leaving for work and saw us crossing the street amidst all vehicles. We were then ‘carried’ back and duly thrashed! I was 5 and my younger brother was only 2. :))
  15. I draw/paint really BAD. I am really, really bad. As a student when I took aptitude test, I was asked to take up anything except painting and architecture!! I still insisted on appearing for elementary exam in drawing in class 8, in which I got ‘C’. My drawing teacher insisted that I give up on drawing and NOT take ‘intermediate’ exam in drawing in class 9 😀 😀

I cant think of any more things to say. This post sounds almost like an immature teenager.So I’ll shut up for now!


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My posts will reveal the most about my nature and my thoughts...all in all, this is an attempt to figure out my thoughts!

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