My cartoon viewing career…

Must say, Garfield is my favourite. I know Garfield began to be aired in India only when cable era came in…so I was actually in my highschool when I first watched the series. The geek that I am, I would watch cartoons even during my undergrad and postgrad days, mind you, it was not limited to ‘Dilbert’… though Dilbert tv series too is a favourite…

Yesterday, was discussing with an old friend about good old cartoon film days and then we just revisited the whole 80s-90s  cartoon history… I think I debuted with Spiderman. I still remember the song ‘spiderman…spiderman..does whatever a spider can..’ And then there was ‘He Man and the masters of the universe’… I remember, in class 5 when I was asked to identify a skull and set of bones, I said it was ‘Skeletor’…Those were the days of Doordarshan and there would be specific times. So it was Sunday morning at 8.00-8..30 am I think and saturday early evening. We also used to watch Gayab aaya, Jamie and the magic torch, and Giant Robot (which was not a cartoon). Since cartoons were rare back then, even ‘Ek Chidiya, anek chidiya’ was watched with full attention and interest every time it was aired.

Then came the days of DD2 where they started airing nice cartoons, tom and jerry, duck tales, talespin, Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland etc.on Sunday mornings. I remember rushing back  from 7th standard scholarship classes in order to catch Alice in Wonderland – the dubbed hindi verison.From then on, there was no looking back. I think the cable channels came in and cartoon network was THE attraction. Couldnt believe that there was a channel running cartoon films throughout the day!! What fun! Well, by that time I was about to enter college, but still would like to watch Dexter, Power puff girls, Tom and jerry…

Flintstones is another series that I loved to watch. It was aired even on DD I think.

The best I loved however was Garfield….mainly because he was being himself – and unapologetic about it….a fat, lazy, intelligent cat who loved living it up king size and felt that he deserved the best!! it was lighthearted for kids, yet even for adults…

Then on there were many others… the Simpsons, Dilbert, Heidi, Rugrats and even Pokemon sometimes (*sheepish smile*)

The long and short of it: I still LOVE cartoons


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  1. perpetualquandary

    Hey that post made me nostalgic. I was a huge fan of He-man and Giant Robot. And I LOVE garfield, cause I sort of identify with him….loves italian, is fat, lazy, and er um…lets forget the intelligent part 🙂
    I loved the Flintstones too. Have you seen “Shaun the Sheep”. It used to air on Nick. Super cool, series that was.

  2. I forgot to mention some others like Mickey Mouse, Pluto and the other Disney Characters, X-Men which too I liked very much. Tintin!! How could I forget Tintin…I knew some of the Captain Haddock dialogues by heart at a time!! 🙂 and of course new cartoons from Nick like Wild Thornberries, Sponge Bob Squarepants (which I sometimes watch even now *blushhhh*)…
    WoW! did I do anything else while growing up? doesnt look like it!! 🙂

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