Colours @ Kala Ghoda Art Fest 2010



To call myself a connoisseur of art would probably be the most boastful of all my ‘tall’ claims ever made, but I wish (and I try to from time to time) to understand it… I believe that in a world like ours, probably, the only pure form of expression is art! (emotions cannot be trusted to be pure always…they can be fake or undergo changes within matter of seconds)

Music, dance, theatre and poetry… I love and sometimes can claim to understand,but paintings, drawings or such visual art forms have always been like foreign language to me. In fact I remember, when I was in class 8, I had taken ‘elementary’ drawing exam and earned a ‘C’ (to set the record straight – ‘D’ is the failure grade 😀 ), anyways, I was asked by my drawing teacher to refrain from taking ‘intermediate’ drawing exam…Well, after class 10 exams, I’d taken an aptitude test and was deemed fit to take up practically anything…except architecture and fine arts! Out of school and my association with art remained only to the extent of annual Diwali rangolis… which I used to meticulously draw. Probably, it played on my subconscious that I’m bad at art, that is why!

Anyways, over the years, after I was introduced to the joys of Colaba Causeway, I availed of whatever limited opportunities I had to visit art exhibitions…and every time wondered what was special about two cubes of red and blue colour on some canvass…or some cardboard installation which got a raving review in Times of India etc… My friends did not belong to art circles and hence I wasn’t really ridiculed…well, they did ridicule me once in a while for suggesting a visit to some art exhibition…During my MBA days, two of my closest friends were actually artists…they tried to civilize me in the ‘artsy’ way, but it didn’t work beyond accompanying them to some random exhibitions. My dilettante behavior notwithstanding, they still remain my close friends…thank you guys! 🙂 They were the ones who actually educated me about the annual Kala Ghoda Art Fest! Though I did not actually have an opportunity to visit it until yesterday!

The reason why I wanted to visit it in the first place was to take photographs. Now, I’m not a trained photographer, nor do I own a hi-fi SLR-type camera, though it is one of the better ‘lay-people cameras’ I must say. For years, it lay in the cupboard, waiting to be used. It would only be used during wedding seasons with ‘flash’ and without reasonably exploring its features. Once casually, I took it on a trek and tried to explore its features. Results, not phenomenal etc, but were definitely of ‘better than the ususal’ standard and from then on, the camera began to be used extensively… FB began to be flooded with picture updates of random sightings and an acquaintance who is a professional photographer and owns a studio, actually offered his old SLR to me so that I could develop my eye for photography further since I had the potential ;). (Though my friends would want me to believe that he was just trying to sell his old camera to me at high price – and I kind of believe them :D). So far so good…my photography bug has stayed with me for more than a year and half and it was to capture the colours that I went to Kala Ghoda Art Fest 2010.

I was fortunate enough to have Rekhs and her friend Fondu (along with fondu’s toddler) for company. The fest was all about colours, absolutely crowded and amazing. Couldnt think why I had shunned it for so many years! Numerous installations (fortunately with detailed explanations on what they were about), numerous live shows (including dance, puppet shows), numerous stalls (selling things from book marks to chappals to jewellery to wooden toys – to the joy of Rekhs and Fondu) …Myriad colours…Hopefully, would come across more such fests , sights and sounds in the future!!


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