Random things that puzzle me (currently)

  1. Soft toys on peoples’ desk at work – W-H-Y !!!Cannot imagine what makes people do this! Why are tiny teddys and heart shapes hung like festoons on whiteboards / stationed on the desk at some strategic point which an approaching colleague will not miss. These soft things are of various varieties – mugs (yes, there ARE some mugs made out of synthetic furs), spiders and bugs, tiny dolls etc. Not to typecast, especially since I am a girl myself, but fortunately, I havent seen these things on a male colleague’s desk yet. Why women must be fascinated with a soft toy spider I cannot understand. They cannot stand a real spider for sure. Though the whole concept of soft toy at work is difficult to digest! it is O-F-F-I-C-E for God’s sake, not a kindergarten. What can people mean by keeping soft toy on desk? That you’re like a child who needs to be excused for all the laxity in your work? that if someone shouts at you for not meeting a deadline, you need that teddy to hold and cry?? For that matter many people leave tinsel things on their desk for decoration. What is it? is it to bring glamour and joy where there is none? or to convince oneself that even work can be all bright and shining? Sure, I have a laughing buddha on my desk as well. A colleague gifted it to me on her last working day…for good luck. If she had gifted a soft toy instead, I’d have passed it on to my nephews and nieces instead…
  2. Pink cars – What might seem as paradox, I have always seen these cars driven by men. WHY do people buy PINK cars?After all, I’m a girl. How can I not like pink? But on a car?? that’s too much! Its a shock to my senses to watch a fuchsia/ purple/bubblegum pink car pass by. Seriously?? I know, its a car. It can be of any colour that the owner wants. So I’m shutting up. But pink cars should be banned!! period!
  3. People who play songs on their mobile phones at public places – (Loudly, NOT USING EARPHONES) WHAT are these people thinking? that they know what we would like to hear?? either that, or perhaps they imagine themselves alone! Either ways you suffer. On a day when you’re happy (that day is usually Friday – Fri evening to be precise), you’ll ignore and occasionally even enjoy that song…but on a day when you’re tired after work and want to just sit and stare into nothingness in a train compartment, woman next to you loudly plays – ‘Volume kam kar Pappa Jag Jayega’  – a paradox. You want to slap such people!!!
  4. People who buy identical set of clothes/accessories for their twins – I wonder especially because I feel that parents would want to be able to tell one kid from the other. Wherever I go however, I notice that they always dress their kids identically – though colour combinations may occasionally vary. I don’t have a twin, but if I had and my parents had done such a thing to us, I dont think I’d have been able to forgive  them…all childhood memories – pics would have this other similar looking person with similar dress / hairdo  / toys and steal my thunder. Arent I supposed to be exclusive? I’m sure, the kids do feel this…

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  1. The Compulsive Writer

    “Soft toys at peoples desk” caught my attention. Totally with ya! Almost, almost as annoying as soft toys in the dashboard or rear dashboard of a car.

  2. Yes, that’s true! Sometimes, the ‘cute’ decoration thing is just too much…and I now realise that I always take such people (with soft toy in the dashboard) to have kids…

  3. perpetualquandary

    Oh ho….
    I had a soft toy on my desk…a yellow dodo gifted by my husband (yeah, he thinks highly of me). Guess u will find me annoying now. Boohoo. Dil toh baccha hain jee.
    And I don’t mind pink cars that much. I think instead of rashly driving a cool black car and probably running over ppl, someone driving a pink car safely is much preferable.
    The last 2 points annoy me too.

  4. @Rekha, No, no, they dont exactly annoy me (okay, sometimes), I’m saying they puzzle me. Dunno, WHY do people think that a soft toy on their work station will make the work station attractive / presentable….if your workstation is an extension of your personality, then I’d think of you as a ninny (though in your own case I know, that is not true 😀 )

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