What’s going on here

“It is a room where I can be alone with my thoughts. In such a room I can invent beautiful dreams…in dreams, of course, everything and everyone is interesting, captivating, and real…I make new world from the stuff of the known world’.. – Orhan Pamuk, Novelist and Professor


The Writer

Pradnya. An outdoorsy finance professional, who dreams of travelling over the world – but hasnt really been able to go beyond a few states within India. Believer as well as cynical. Can be sarcastic, facetious, random and geekish.

Interested in collecting useless trivia. Loves etymology, Jane Austen, cheese and running. Takes up random pursuits from time to time. Can speak English, Marathi, Hindi well, German – workable and is learning Spanish.


The purpose

To realise from time to time (mostly weekends) that there is a life outside finance.


The content

Of course makes some sense, though mostly it is a hell lot of nonsense


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