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I miss those days….

This is a piece of nonsense written during college days. Miss the freedom to not only think, but act stupid and get away with it…

Plagiarism for dummies…..
Plagiarim is one skill every management student needs  to master! I mean…its not a joke to actully prepare a 55-paged project report within 2 days….it requires LOT OF DEDICATION!! These are broadly steps involved in preparing a project report (mind you: Research project) within 2 days…
1. Day one: a)- Go to and look
up on every DAMN word you can think of that is related
to this topic.
b)- Search on Google.
c)- Search on Google.
d)- Search on Google.
e)- Do not forget to save all the stuff which you think is important. This is as good as testing your
analytical skills. Because you have to analyse what is relevant that can be used, what all can be directly
copied and pasted and still can seem original and finally what all will have to undergo cosmetic surgery.
f)- Go to sleep…!!!that was a Loooooong (notice
similarity with Gooooogle) day!!!

2. Day two: a)- Write a long acknowledgement thanking your professor and every tom, dick and harry whose help doesnt sound phoney.
b)- Write a sensational executive summary…for that look up on Gooooooogle again for some totally
mind-smashing quote/incident. That shouldnt require much of time, given all the expertise you would have gained in ‘searching’ the previous day!
c)- Prepare an ornate table of contents full with topics, sections and sub-sections..dont forget to
insert header/footer/watermark….
d)- All the IMPORTANT work has been done…now totally trivial work remains: open all the saved files, do following:
i) Copy and paste everything.
ii)Insert LOT of jargons in between.
e)-Write a Conclusion which sounds totally heartfelt.
(PS: Prepare a copy of acknowlegements and conclusion which can be used for every arbit that
you’ll save a LOT of time next time out of those 2 days….)
f)-Add Annexures: Make sure these are the files from which you HAVENT copied…..
g)-Mail the report….

As is evident, all this process is totally complicated and requires lot of meticulous work…besides what
about all the exhaustion one suffers from? constant clicking especially might hurt your fingers….Howvere, as we know, there’s no way out…life of a management student is really busy….