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Once in October…

Pic taken from Nokia phone with 2 MP camera. So actual scenery was much better than what's been captured

 If anyone asked me whether I ever felt the presence of God, I’d say it was this moment!

Last October, one late afternoon, suddenly sky went dark, cool winds began to blow, trees began swaying. It started thundering. I love the smell of wet soil…and green grass. So when
first few drops of rain fell, i just HAD to go for a jog. I did too. I live close to a creek, where there are marshes and tall grass and I thought of going there. Thursday afternoon,and it was pretty deserted. Weather really went wild with heavy downpour, lightning , the wind was blowing, making eerie noise and grass swaying. It got darker and darker…Somehow, I felt it was all beautiful and divine! The forces of nature, untamed and pure. I was jogging along, totally drenched and exhilarated. Soon the sun came out and a rainbow popped up. I took this picture then. It always reminds me the extreme joy i felt when i was alone and with nature…